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Start oil threads here so they can be ignored and/or ridiculed by most of us (except for those hardcore few that live for that kinda stuff).
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Here's the place for you to debate what oil is best. Post your oil related topics her so we don't clutter up the other sections. Most people avoid oil threads like the plague.
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Re: Amazon Sells Oil

Post by jaybird » Sat Dec 29, 2018 10:23 pm

20w-50 always seems to be available in several flavors at the Tractor Supply and WalMart that I frequent, I'm guessing at the auto parts stores as well.
I've never been an Amazon shopper for no particular reason, I'll have to give it a try as my Wife has had Amazon Prime for many years (I''ll have to get her secret password :lol: ) Thanks for the heads up Rich :cheers:

I've been using this oil in my Gear Up and other motos, same as I use in my diesel trucks and just about everything else around here. ... 3537004187
Pretty economical, plus the warehouse is only 20 miles from my truck yard/shop so I can save the shipping by picking it up.
Diesel engine oil has a lot harder life and spends more time in the engine than the oil in these glorified lawn mower engines with a 2500 KM service interval. I had been adding a "Glub" of STP high mileage oil treatment with Zinc at each oil change, but I ran out of it and haven't remembered to buy any in a while. All the engines I've broken have been using good 20w-50 motorcycle oil, so I don't think I can do any worse with the 15w-40 Allfleet.

I'm still running 20w-50 in my Retro for the time being as the engine was replaced under warranty and I'll respect the manufacturer's recommendation for a little while longer, I'll probably switch over at one of the next couple of oil changes, probably when I run out of 20w-50.

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Re: Amazon Sells Oil

Post by Ragmanx1 » Wed Jan 02, 2019 10:31 pm

I buy Brad Penn 20/50 on Amazon. Lots of ZZDP for old style tappet engines.
But I really think these old school engines are fine with any oil that is changed often.
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Re: Amazon Sells Oil

Post by chaos2 » Fri Jan 04, 2019 11:39 pm

This just popped up on my feed, no idea if it's any good but I add MMO to my gas once in a while, not sure if it does anything but gives me a warm fuzzy feeling that something magical is going on.
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Re: Amazon Sells Oil

Post by hillbillybob » Sat Jan 05, 2019 9:18 am

I'm in the same camp as 'jaybird', and use only 15w/40 in all of the bikes, the old Cub Cadet, and two other pieces of diesel powered equipment. The Mobil brand that I've used for decades, and millions of miles, is a fine lubricant, and very economical as well. The 3 quarts just poured into my deep sump pan, cost me $6.08....including the 8% sales tax, and $7 per gallon rebate. The 50% larger volume of the deep sump, extends the suggested oil change interval to 3,750km, which is just about what I've been adding to the odometer annually. Add the $6.62 HF-895 filter, and I'm at $12.70 a year for Ural oil changes.
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Re: Amazon Sells Oil

Post by Abaxter593 » Sat Jan 05, 2019 9:45 am

6 quarts of VR1 for only $16.46 with free shipping if you have prime! Steal! ... 6637771563

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Re: Amazon Sells Oil

Post by hotflash44 » Sat Jan 05, 2019 9:56 am

Ragmanx1 wrote:
Wed Jan 02, 2019 10:31 pm
I buy Brad Penn 20/50 on Amazon. Lots of ZZDP for old style tappet engines.
But I really think these old school engines are fine with any oil that is changed often.
im like lots of people who have old cars and engines with flat tappet and push rods got concerned about the reduction in ZDDP in newer oils. my research shows that ever sense the addition of the catalytic converter the Gov wanted the ZDDP reduced from 1200 ppm to 800ppm because it clogged the CATS.also modern engines dont benefit much from the additive ZDDP. as i understand a break in oil with very high ZDDP is required at initial start up and first 500 miles on flat tappet engines to lessen the damage the cam can do to the lifter. again new technology doesn't require this, but the Ural might benefit as its very old technology. IMO :cheers:
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Re: Amazon Sells Oil

Post by Subsnowden » Thu Feb 14, 2019 10:13 am

Project Farm just did a YouTube video comparing dino/amazon basics synth/Mobil 1 synth and the amazon synth barely underperformed the Mobil 1. Food for thought.
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Re: Amazon Sells Oil

Post by Manscout » Thu Feb 14, 2019 11:09 am

I just watched that too Jon. I am a Mobil 1 guy myself ever since they started using it in Lambo and Ferrari. The video is informative if nothing else. Especially to see how slow -15F oil moves. Yikes!

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