Solid state regulators.

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Solid state regulators.

Post by Macabry » Tue Jan 14, 2020 6:14 pm

Hello and howdy,

Been working again the last few days but due some r&r next week. I have bought an electronic (solid state)regulator that has just arrived from Poland. I got it so I can try an electronic ignition unit. Having already done some testing of the dynamo and being fairly happy with it I am looking forward to fitting this tiny little unit (I will be keeping the pp302 as a spare and if the solid state unit us decent I might even do a pp302 housing for it .... depends on mood, time etc.

Anyway, my question is: Anyone have any particular advice or pro/con information regarding replacement solid state regulators, or issues they've encountered ??? (Obviously different units will vary in quality/reliability etc.)

Interested to hear your views.

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