Half baked idea: fixing the mechanical speedo issues.

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Re: Half baked idea: fixing the mechanical speedo issues.

Post by LRP » Tue Jul 23, 2019 2:58 pm

If you carefully bend the crimp tabs away from the bezel housing, you can remove the instrument from the housing can after removing the
the nuts from the bottom of the can.

If you look at the mechanism carefully, you will find a balance spring that returns the needle to zero. One end of the spring is anchored to a movable bracket that can adjust the tension on the balance spring just as some clocks have to regulate the time. I found the balance spring adjustment was able to make a 10 mph correction on my speedo.
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Re: Half baked idea: fixing the mechanical speedo issues.

Post by sKiZo » Tue Jul 23, 2019 4:25 pm

This one looks interesting - also has a tilt indicator built in? Might be a fun feature if you're into flying ...



Auto adjusts to ambient light. Not sure if you can customize the display to give you just what you need - mph, compass direction, and tilt indicator would be my preference. I assUme the display would need to be mounted vertically to get good tilt readings. Not sure if I'd ever need "satellite mumber" ... also wondering if ASL is "altitude above sea level" or "AHoles ready to pull out in front of you" ... <G>

Looks to be available under several brand names.

TIMPROVE GPS Speedometer with 3 Inch TFT LCD Display - $50
https://www.amazon.com/TIMPROVE-Univers ... B07L4CHZTN
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