Gearbox Seals

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Gearbox Seals

Post by darkhorse » Thu Jul 11, 2019 8:14 pm

I recently replaced some of the seals on my gearbox along with the pancake seal in my final drive. Being new to the seals on the gearbox, I was uncertain if you could remove them from the outside or needed to open up the case. Gene at Holopaw Ural helped me out with a quick phone call which I really appreciate. He carries a whole seal kit for the 650's for a very reasonable price.

For anyone who has not replaced any of the seals on a 650 gearbox, you replace them from the outside. I pried it out with a small screwdriver. The kickstarter seal, shifter seal (above the reverse shifter) and the reverse shifter seal all come out the same way. Below is a picture of the gearbox with the reverse shifter seal removed.
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