replacing cvk32 with k65 carbs

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replacing cvk32 with k65 carbs

Post by uralmike » Sun Jul 07, 2019 6:02 pm

I have a 2000 650 that was sitting several years by previous owner before I got it due to carb trouble
I am having trouble with one of the carbs not carbureting correctly until rpms are way up
I cleaned and am getting solvent through all orifices and jets and the diaphragm looks good also
I have had several cv carbs in the past but cannot see the problem with this one
instead of throwing money into it and it still not functioning correctly i am thinking of replacing with k65 carbs
I need to know what all i need to do changeover by someone who has done this before so i can order all the parts at the same time
and or any ideas on what i can try on this cv carb to get it to function
I switched it to the other cylinder and the problem followed the carb 38 idle jet 118 main
I am leaning toward k65 over k68 due to post i read on dislikes over plastic parts
all two cents worth greatly appreciated

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Re: replacing cvk32 with k65 carbs

Post by URALNUT60 » Sun Jul 07, 2019 8:53 pm

I have 97 650 currently running mikuni VM28 mm round slide, they run smoothly, call Terry at Crawford's and tell him what they are doing, may be save what you have

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Re: replacing cvk32 with k65 carbs

Post by Eric N » Sun Jul 07, 2019 10:46 pm

Hey Mike,

Floats set the same on both sides? If you put some aquarium tubing on the bottom nipple, open the drain and hold the tubing up to the carb, should be about seam height.

Your jet sizes are good for a 650. I'd run the bike without the air hoses and watch to see if the gate slides properly on the bad cab. Push it up/ down with finger but then run and see if it sticks.

Are the needles the same size? This is a long shot, but people do really screwy things trying to milk power out of a Ural.

As was previously posted, Terry or Gene could walk you through the steps to convert. A VM28 or similar would be a good option (they were standard on 1998) with excellent parts availability (Enfields also used a version of them).

By going to a K65, you need a gasket for where the carb bolts directly to the head, and a new throttle cable. Russian Garage would have all that and their throttle cables should work with the screwy chain link thingy in your 2000 throttle housing. Not sure about air hoses, I think those carbs sit further forward so you'll need longer hoses but with the 2000 air filter the old kickstart only hoses won't be the right size.
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