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Shock Bushing Tool Kit

Posted: Mon Jun 17, 2019 3:35 pm
by GHGoodwin
I had to help another SS member replace his lower shock bushings on the bike. What a PIA. One went in fine the second was pure torture. I got to thinking over what our issues were and how to make a fairly simple kit that would solve our problems.

Here's the kit so far. 10mm x 1.5 thread rod at 100mm long. Two nuts on one end. Two pieces of 2"sq x 1/4"tk aluminum with spacer washers glued on. 10mm coupler nut. 10mm standard nut and washer (somehow missing). In use but not shown 1" piece of 1" ID pipe for removal.
Kit So Far.JPG
First the removal. The piece of pipe represents the bushing housing on the frame and has the bushing installed inside. In use it will replace the 1/2" drive 26mm socket. Double nut is in vise. Tightening the coupler will push the bushing into the socket. I left off a washer under the coupler for clarity.
Removal 1.JPG
Removal 2.JPG
Now to insert the new bushing. I'm doing it in two parts - the rubber bushing first and then the center tube.

I took a standard 1/2" washer and sanded it down to just fit inside the piece of pipe. It holds the threaded rod and keeps it centered during compression. A little bit of WD40 and it slid right in. The washers on each piece of aluminum help space the rubber bushing in the tube.
Washer Fit.JPG
Rubber Insert 1.JPG
Rubber Insert 2.JPG
Rubber Insert 3.JPG
Now for the center tube. I profiled the tube end. There didn't seem to be much sense in trying to force a blunt end in. You can see how the 1/2" washer holds the tube in line for tightening. And the setup before tightening and WD40 bath.

Re: Shock Bushing Tool Kit

Posted: Mon Jun 17, 2019 3:47 pm
by GHGoodwin
Finishing the post. The washers keep everything aligned and centered.
Tube Inserted.JPG
I used superglue on everything because I'll need to redo the washer OD's to fit the actual bushing mount.

Comments and/or ideas please.

I know the aluminum squares are way too big. Now that I've tested this out the final ends will be made from 1-3/8" dia aluminum rod.

Re: Shock Bushing Tool Kit

Posted: Mon Jun 17, 2019 8:01 pm
by Snakeoil
Nicely done. Alcohol would have made the rubber just as slippery as WD40 and assured it would never move once installed. Alky is the trick for foot peg, kick start rubbers and such.

Rather than gluing centering washers to the plate, if you have a lathe, face the plate off to create a centering step in the plate and eliminate the need for the washer. In other words, machine the washer from the face of the plate. If you don't have a lathe, use steel plates and solder the washers on.

But for the number of times you will do this, your original design works fine and can be whipped up when needed by just about anyone. The aluminum plates could probably be pieces of hardwood, with washers on the nut side, in a pinch.

Re: Shock Bushing Tool Kit

Posted: Tue Jun 18, 2019 6:57 am
by GHGoodwin
Agree. Turning the plates is the best followed by soldering a stack of washers together. I glued everything up because I was testing various inserts when I stumbled on the 1/2" washers.

The piece of pipe was an aberration. It's 1" Sched 80. Not all that common. I had some left from making the front step brace mounts and had cut a piece to make a u-joint puller out of a clamp. It just happens to be the really close to the correct ID/OD for the actual mount on the frame. There's not enough clearance for the square plates on the wheel side of the bushing tubes but the pipe fit. Now that I know the idea works, and with another day of sh@tty weather in store, I'm going to round them out at 1-3/8". I'll post a photo later when i'm done.

The biggest improvement was rounding off one end of the center bolt tube and cleaning up the sides. The rounded nose fit into the radius molded on the rubber bushing edge. It eased the wrench pressure I needed to pull it home by about 75% and kept it from going caddywampus on the way in.

Re: Shock Bushing Tool Kit

Posted: Tue Jun 18, 2019 10:48 am
by lendrinkard
What an improvement from doing it with out a jig.

Re: Shock Bushing Tool Kit

Posted: Tue Jun 18, 2019 4:24 pm
by GHGoodwin
Heres the finished kit. I rounded off the square aluminum to fit the OD of the pipe.

Parts on workbench.
Assembled with a couple of spare washers and nut. All set to languish in my drawer of odd Ural stuff.