Grinding noise in gear

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Re: Grinding noise in gear

Post by jaybird » Wed Aug 15, 2018 9:12 am

Pin clutch.
Ural spline clutch.

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Re: Grinding noise in gear

Post by Korto » Fri Sep 14, 2018 8:53 am

Update Time!

The clutch plates were in backwards. I found a You Tube of someone taking a K650 clutch apart and paid VERY careful attention.
Ordered some new plates, waited very patiently and totally DIDN'T check the parcel tracking twice a day every day for weeks, despite what lying liars who are lying might say, put the new plates in (bit of a story itself, but told elsewhere), and started her back up.


Oh Yeah!

The clutch is good, and the gear-change is so smooth I can't even feel it. Literally. I have to release the clutch to confirm it even happened.
It's starting with a single kick, first time every time. My postie doesn't even do that (mind you, I haven't changed the postie's spark plug, like, ever :oops: )

I do have a concern. As mentioned before, the choke has ABSOLUTELY no effect, open or shut, whether the engine's hot or cold, for good or bad. Also, it doesn't like me touching the ignition timing lever at all. Starting or already going, I'm to leave it alone.
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