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"The Black Market" Rules

Posted: Tue Jul 17, 2007 11:11 pm
by JohnBG
Just a few simple rules for "The Black Market" section of the forums.

1. Items should be related to Russian/Ukrainian motorcycles ie something close to it. The site admins and/or moderators will let ya know if it's not an acceptable item to post here.
2. Please indicate where the item is located (especailly if it is a bike).
3. State the price (or asking price) and shipping costs (if applicable) of the item you are selling.
4. Provide a way that buyers and sellers can get in touch with you like an e-mail or a phone number.
5. Spammers, scammers and professional eBay shills will be shot (or at least banned from the forums). If you are a regular user and want to post a link to an eBay auction for some Russian bike stuff, OK. But don't get carried away with it.
6. No dealers in this section please. This is for our members only. Dealers can use "The Gray Market" section developed just for them.
7. is not responsible for any liability for any sales or transactions. Caveat Emptor.
8. Don't send cash thru the mail or give out your credit card numbers to someone ya don't know.
9. When your item sells, please post a reply indicating it is sold.
10. Don't eat yellow snow. :lol:

Violators will have their posts deleted. Chronic violators will be banninated. :evil: