Veterans and sidecar doggies - more news!

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Veterans and sidecar doggies - more news!

Post by Mckaylodge » Sat Oct 05, 2019 9:03 pm

Josh Hart sent me this link today.

God bless Josh and his sidecar service dog Lucky Louie! And may they stay safe on the roads to bring cheer and friendship to hospitalized military veterans as they complete their U.S. journey.

I’m new to the forum and it’s quirks so I hope the link below shows up as clickable.

Administrator! please fix it for me if you can.

I just had a great day today with two senior members and we only had to tow their GU’s once each out of a deep river bed. They each had a tough off-road trial.

I expect Hal will show some pix when he has time. ... SEE24_News

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