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Black Friday/White Dog (Day4)

Posted: Fri Nov 29, 2019 8:03 pm
by OleanderSalad
Still riding around with the spare shoe on the pusher, but life is fine in the slow lane. I'm sure I'll reach the mothership some day. I really want to order an enduro seat, but have to wait until I find out how much processing the 'recall' on the rear wheel is going to cost me....

I made my limited range count today by getting Phyllis squared away and comfy up to 35 MPH. She mellowed since yesterday and even got in and out on command with a minimum of eye rolling.

We just went on a very pedestrian dirt road close to the house. I stopped to get some pics of my 'mobile dog run' setup, and then whipped it around and pointed her home. Today was the first time I actually HAD to use reverse. There was a gate up at the end of this road and the trees had me boxed in. No probleeemo. Quick three-pointer and I was headed back from whence I came.

I did do one pretty cool 'mod' today; if you can call cutting a pool noodle and stuffing it under the cover a 'mod' that is. I'm waiting for an ATV cover I ordered to get in. There is a little rain with more on the way and I was worried because the tonnaeu cover was sagging and pooling water. I got a tip from a fellow uralista here almost as soon as I asked the question.