Mounting hardware for Dnepr sidecar

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Mounting hardware for Dnepr sidecar

Post by Skilletdawg » Fri Nov 08, 2019 11:08 pm

Has anyone mounted a Dnepr sidecar to a F800GS? Got any pics. The different outfits selling mounts will not show them for fear your going to build it yourself or that your another outfit looking to steal the idea. I know I’m new to sidecars, but I can’t see buying something I can’t take a look at. If I am missing something here, I apologize. But if you have mounted a sidecar to a F800GS, I would appreciate a pic and info on the mount. Thanks

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Re: Mounting hardware for Dnepr sidecar

Post by rivers » Sun Nov 10, 2019 4:32 pm

Skillet, I'm no sidecar designer but I think you're missing the the part that todays motorcycles particularly the frames are VERY different with "each" brand than back in the day when near everything ran unsprung rigid frames. The pro builders have spent A LOT of engineering time and money on R&D designing mounts for "particular" bikes. The one-size-fits-all days are long gone. Quality mounts that actually work safely and are adjustable/tunable for use/conditions are going to be expensive. Either you pay up front for well designed quality store-bought or invest the time in trial and error figuring it out yourself. Takes skill and experience to do it right and safely. No way would I use an Ebay "universal" mounting kit. "Universal" usually means "fits nothing" w/o owner modifications :(
With no sidecar piloting experience at all, it's likely even with a pro mounting a tub on your BMW you'll likely think on the way home. "Holy crap this handles bad(different)" cause the builder screwed it up. Nope...just a different geometric world. If I were you with your F800 I would inquire on the proper BMW forum as to what mounts other F800 owners have used and are happy with. Otherwise depending on your location the only builders I would even consider would be Jay at DMC in WA or Claud Stanley at Freedom Sidecars in PA. Neither are bargain basement cheap fabricators but both have developed and tested mounts for many modern motorcycles and have stellar reputations. See if they build a mount kit for your model BMW frame. Mounting the KMZ sheet metal tub to the sidecar frame is the easy part and not as critical as the tub frame to bike frame mount part. I'm sure it'll be more money than you hoped to spend but it'll be right/drivable and safe. Takes more than just cutting/welding skills working with angle iron.
Not intending to pee in your Cheerios but there ain't no way to enter the sidecar world on the dirt cheap unless you buy one already built and well tested.
Best of luck!
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Re: Mounting hardware for Dnepr sidecar

Post by santareg » Tue Nov 12, 2019 3:27 am

I completely agree with "rivers". I have not used Claud Stanley (just heard good things about his work) but my first sidecar rig was built by Jay at DMC, an R100S with Sputnik hack, loved the rig and Jay's work and design is super. I just looked at his web page and he has a mount for BMW twins GS650 and 800's. Check it out he has an extensive gallery of rig photos and give him a call. Photos of rig attached.
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Re: Mounting hardware for Dnepr sidecar

Post by Lmo » Wed Nov 13, 2019 5:03 am

The Hack section at might by a better source for "misc" sidecar mounting.
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