Iridium Spark Plugs?

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Texas Ed
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Iridium Spark Plugs?

Post by Texas Ed » Tue Jun 06, 2023 3:37 pm

I know the topic of spark plugs has been covered many times and I've read most of the threads, but here goes anyway...
My '00 Deco 650 owner's manual calls for NGK BP8HVX plugs. NGK website indicates that plug has been discontinued and says the NGK BPR8HIX Iridium plug can be used as a replacement. ... spark-plug
My rig did have the collective recommended BP7HS in it, but they looked pretty dirty so I tried the BPR8HIX and they seem to run fine so far. Of course I haven't gone far. Just a couple laps around the neighborhood.
Does anyone use iridium plugs? Do I just need to stick with the BP7HS plugs?
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Re: Iridium Spark Plugs?

Post by RC20 » Tue Jun 06, 2023 9:03 pm

Spark plugs are like oil, everyone has an opinion and the reality from what I could find over the years is they all work the same. Preferences yes but none of them are wrong.

The only improvement I ever found on ignition system was a multi spark box in the days of early electronic ignition and while not huge, it improved gas mileage around 1/2 to 1 mpg.

If you feel good about the plugs, then that is all that counts. Others with more time on Ural can weigh in, I have seen modern ignition system plugs last 100k (just changed the plugs in the F-250 a couple years back).

I suspect the modern electronic ignition can fire a wooden spark plug. From back in the day when 7k was good out of a plug to this? Real shocker (pun intended)
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Re: Iridium Spark Plugs?

Post by windmill » Wed Jun 07, 2023 8:59 am

They actually do have some proven legitimate advantages which is why they're supplanting standard plugs and many manufacturers use them as OEM even though they cost a little more.

I've had a pair in my M70 for going on 4 years now. There are no perceptible increases in power or fuel economy that gimmick plug manufacturers have claimed, but they do help the engine run cleaner and more efficiently which is beneficial for the engine in the long run, and are more durable so they should last the life of the vehicle making them a one-time purchase. One difference I've noticed is they do seem to improve cold wet weather starting.

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Re: Iridium Spark Plugs?

Post by lendrinkard » Wed Jun 07, 2023 3:21 pm

I have run the Iridium plugs in both rigs. They have worked fine. 33000 kilometers later they still look like new.
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Re: Iridium Spark Plugs?

Post by Lofty » Wed Jun 07, 2023 5:44 pm

I've used Iridium plugs in my motorcycles for some years now. Coincidentally, I've two new sets in the tool box right now, waiting for installation in the Honda and the Jeep.

The price premium is offset by the increased service life, and not having to worry about an electrode gap that can't be adjusted on an Iridium plug to begin with.

If you've purchased NGK plugs, and have a multi-meter, here's an easy way to confirm if the product is genuine or a counterfeit.

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