Prepping for a multiple months trip

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Prepping for a multiple months trip

Post by Sjpeterken » Sat Nov 16, 2019 5:02 pm

Hi all,

I am planning a roadtrip with my GF starting in April 2020 for about half a year and maybe longer. We will travel from central Europe, across Russia and back via the Stan countries over Turkey back to Europe.
Currently we're preparing a list with all kind of stuff to take with us and essential modifications we will need to make to the bike before we can confidently start off.

Can you guys help me out with the essential packing and mod list?

Model: 2019 Ranger/Gear-Up
Route: 20.000 - 25.000km

Thanks in advance!
Peter & Sofie
and offcourse Sitekarre Warre will be very happy when we can get him completely ADV ready
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Re: Prepping for a multiple months trip

Post by Lofty » Sat Nov 16, 2019 9:29 pm

Hello Peter and Sofie,

There's a recent thread that discusses the same subject:

Also, there's a forum member who's well underway on a years-long journey:
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Re: Prepping for a multiple months trip

Post by Mr Wazzock » Sun Nov 17, 2019 1:22 pm


Just a personal observation, re: "weight is your enemy", I realised after a while that I was just dragging a ton of sh!t around everywhere, and something may go wrong that I don't actually have spares for. So I had a "slimming session" and dumped some stuff. What may be of more interest is can I mail order something and get it delivered to my location if I need to? I have done this (tho not for the Ural). Also, what if it's too complicated to be done "in the field" (literally if on a campsite, and I've done that too), i.e. needs workshop facilities (including the advantage of working under cover). In the UK it's just not safe to be doing something at the roadside like fixing a flat, the roads are too narrow or too busy, too congested and the traffic is too mad. So you 'phone recovery. In fact the official advice if stranded on a motorway is get away from the vehicle and on the other side of the crash barrier, in case it gets shunted up the back.

Look on YouTube, e.g. Itchy Boots and Pedro Mota there are occasions when they need workshop time in a foreign land.

Example of the unexpected: Itchy Boots once lost her license plate, it cracked thru from vibration and fell off. Had to scratch around getting a new one, somewhere in southeast Asia!

Mike H
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Re: Prepping for a multiple months trip

Post by RC20 » Sun Nov 17, 2019 10:04 pm

Find the blogs of people who have done it and read them. Compare your skills and abilities to theirs. If they can overhaul and engine and you don't know a torque wrench from a contamination wrench, then that set of rings is wasted.

Remember, mechanics will insist they are experts, see what they fixed and what their shop looks like. A neat shop is a good indicator (now I am a sloppy mechanic and I would not let me fix anything if I saw my shop) so a neat shop tells you a lot and a sloppy shop is 95% certain a sloppy mechanic.

Then, make your list, then you have to start winnowing.

One item you need is a jack. You are going to have flats. Takes two men and an donkey to pull it up on the center stand. I jack it up and use the center stand as a safety by the way.

Then a set of easy to use bead breaker wrenches and spare tubes. For what you plan 6 is probably not too many (or get two and resupply immediacy if used)

Good tent, two person sleeping pad (I went with self infiltrator and it was as good as my bed)

Pitch the wrench set and by a good set of combination with duplicates so you have the other end nut holder.

Don't try to take every spare part in the world, spark plugs would be one, a spare filer, oil will be an issue. I would go with drain it and use local best you can find or buy. You will have 3-6 oil changes. Do all the work yourself, do not trust anyone else. A simple stripped plug is a bust. Research what lube mfg is in what country. Shell is probably one of the most widespread. Know that any good auto oil is acceptance for the cycle, good oil is better than old oil. Mixing good mfg oils is ok, mixing brand X in Uzbekistan is a bad thing. Always carry a spare liter.

More or less if its going to be major nothing you can do about it but wait for parts.

And it may sound odd, cotton underwear. Its better for the body and it has used like bandages. Then you don't have to pack bandages (though a box of band aids is your friend, put then in a good sealed bag or screw top container.

If things get funky mechanical wise, go back, stay where you are or leap ahead to wherever the best location to get parts or assemblies is. Go with assemblies if at all possible.

Stay hydrated. Ice is your friend if you can get it. If water is iffy on the route, then a water purifying system.
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