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Iff ? Pridce For 2016 GU - Helping out a Friend

Posted: Tue Nov 05, 2019 3:15 pm
by RC20
I am still getting info, so this is just a feeler. Biff and I go back 30 years as acquaintances and I worked with his father in law. We don't pall around at all or ever, but he is a great guy.

Its has under 350 miles on it.

Green (original color?)

From his description, its had the off road map put in. Its really his wife's whose father died (got very ill before he could drive it) and he thinks she wants to sell it.

He floated 14k based on a 19k purchase price.

So we have that in he does not realize the nature of the Ural yet (basing it on other cycles) and in AK - warranty will be gone soon, no proving miles to speak of.

I am thinking more like 12k in AK and likely not feasible to ship anywhere.