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This is the place for you to post reports about your rides. Remember the mantra: "If you don't post pictures, it didn't happen".
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Postby Donbmw » Sun Sep 10, 2017 5:44 pm

Started out like everyone doing the preride checks. Left out about 8:00 am. Went to the Seventh Day Adventist Church, but they hand no sign. Stop at the Chennault Aviation Military Museum with a plane a pole. Rode down town to a old bike shop location that still has a bicycle hanging from a pole. Rode on seventh street to car dealer ship that has early 70's Honda Civic on their sign pole. Head off towards Driskill Mountain the high est spot in Louisiana at 532 feet. Getting there was on US highway 167 and LA 507 with about 20 miles of gravel roads. Headed south to Goldonna which is a salt water location used during the Civil War. Going was about 30 miles of gravel through national forest. Found the road was closed and back track to also find the main highway LA 147 was also closed. Since I could boot get to Glodonna I headed for my next stop of Natchitoces Louisiana the oldest settlement in the Louisiana Purchase. On the way coming down US 71 stop at 71 Club Bar And Grill. Found I had lost my clip board with all my info. When I started out I set my GPS to avoid major highways as much as possible and no U turns. Heading my way back to Monroe and got on some roads that I would hav not done otherwise. Even found a water crossing. End up going about 350 miles with the majority of this at 50 miles a hour or less. If I had not gotten my Ural the majority of this ride would have not taken place on my other bikes or buy four wheels also.
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