The big trip

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Re: The big trip

Postby Fran » Mon Sep 11, 2017 11:06 pm

Here we are in Delta UT after 6 days on the road. We left 24 hours behind are scheduled time of Labor Day. There was so much to do in the last few days that it was impossible to get out the door on time. We are still doing things that would have been so much easier at home, but you have to leave some time and you will never be a 100% ready to go. On our first day we just went up the road to Santa Clarita and spent the night with friends.
The next day our target was Panamint Springs in Death Valley, we took the Sierra Highway to California City and then to Trona avoiding the big roads, which is a route we have never taken before. We both love the desert scenery and wide open spaces; I suppose being Irish we had neither growing up. The next day we left early for obvious reasons and even by 9am you could feel the heat building. The bike ran great pulling a steady 40 over the pass between Panamint Valley and Stovepipe Wells and 50/55 the rest of the time. We then took 95 to Tonapah a favorite road from back in our trucking days. It is so nice not to have deadlines and commitments and you can really appreciate the scenery at the Urals pace.
Spent the night in Tonapah, another trucking memory. The Hotel Mitzpah has reopened so we had a beer in the Bar Mitzpah more memories. Our next destination was Ely, Highway 6 is a 167 miles of open range and the occasional ranch no gas good thing we had invested in extra gas cans. It is a long empty road and if you have any problems it would not be fun. Had 2 nights camping and then to Great Basin N.P. unfortunately didn’t get a chance to see the caves. Had a great dinner in Baker, what a night sky with no light pollution you realize how magnificent the stars can be.
Had a nice run today to Delta. Almost 1200k’s so far four 7000+ft passes numerous smaller climbs, no issues at all so far and we are loaded. We are very happy campers. Hope you like the photos
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Re: The big trip

Postby Lokiboy » Tue Sep 12, 2017 6:54 am

Glad you made it though the the desert without a hitch. I've been though Nevada several times along the back roads, and yep, civilized comforts are few and far between. I always asked myself, where do they get gas, food etc. ?

Anyway, looking forward to following your trip.
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Re: The big trip

Postby cateyetech » Tue Sep 12, 2017 7:14 am

Hey Fran
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Re: The big trip

Postby sagerat » Wed Sep 13, 2017 12:29 pm

Love the Great Basin and Death Valley, too. Good to hear the Mitz is open again. I've spent several nights in Tonopah as well as riding 95, 50, 6 and similar excellent Nevada highways.

Happy trails and enjoyed the pics.
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